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Do you want be a model? But don’t know where and how?

If you want to be a fashion model, you need to know how to strut your stuff on the catwalk – without falling over!
AF Models has written this guide which explains how professional models walk the catwalk.
The first thing to do is get your posture right. That means standing up straight with your head held high and looking straight ahead. Your face should be pointing forward and not to either side. Your expression should be neutral, no big grins or moody scowls!
Your shoulders should be relaxed and slightly back, but don’t stick your chest out too much. There should be no slouching or hunching of the shoulders.
When you begin to walk, your arms should swing naturally as you move, but you don’t need to swing them back and forth too much. If the outfit has pockets you may want to put your hands in them, but don’t tense your arms when you do so.
As you move, try to keep your body as still as possible and not move from side to side or bob up and down. Lead slightly with your hips rather than your chest, but don’t sashay dramatically.

Your feet is where you will want to focus most of your attention, as this is the most different from normal walking. When you walk the catwalk, imagine there is a line down the middle and you have to place your feet exactly on the line, not to either side of it. If you want a slightly more dramatic look, you may place your feet on the other side of the line, so they cross over each other. Be careful not to trip over your own ankles though!
Once you reach the end of the catwalk, it’s customary to strike a pose – now you can be as dramatic as you like. Jut your hips out to one side and then the other, placing your hands on your hips. If you’re wearing a jacket, you may want to slip it off and swing it over one shoulder for full effect.
Great, now you’re ready for the London, Milan or Pairs fashion shows!
If you’d like to find out how AF Models can help you become a catwalk model, then register on our site.

There is always a lot of demand for new teen models as the current ones get older and move into the adult brackets. The teen model bracket is usually considered to be between the ages of 12 and 17 years.

Many child models follow a natural progression into teen models, but also lots of teenagers decide they’d like to try modelling and take their first steps in the industry at this time.
The teen  market is a very major section which companies are keen to target, and each ‘type’ of teen needs to be represented. That means that as well as the standard modelling work for attractive, fresh faced, tall models there will be work for petite models, plus-size models and alternative models, who may have tattoos or be more unusual looking.
Teen modelling work is available across all kinds of formats from glossy magazines to billboards to TV adverts to catalogues and these days even stock photography for websites.
Teenagers who are considering trying to become a model need to make sure they have the right attitude and realistic expectations.
Keeping your expectation realistic
The modelling industry is tough and very competitive and those who think they can just fall into it and make pots of money have got disappointment waiting down the line. Aspiring models need to be willing to invest time and energy in getting their foot in the door, and they have to be thicked skinned to deal with the inevitable early rejections.
Having the Right Attitude
Not all teenagers fit the stereotype of being grumpy and stroppy, but there is definitely no space for that kind of attitude when it comes to modelling. Modelling is a professional and requires a professional attitude. Paying clients are not going to be willing to waste their time with temper tantrums.


Don’t expect overnight success

Famously – the Beatles were turned down by the first record agency they approached, and JK Rowling didn’t get a deal on the first try. So don’t give up if you don’t succeed at the first go. Approach several different agencies, in case you’re simply not the look they’re looking for at the time.