The demand for male models in the British fashion industry is intriguing and it is the right time for you to catch those promising opportunities to be the on top of the game. As the fashion industry is flourishing with each passing day, the call for fine-looking, smart, strapping and gifted male models is escalating and if you think that you have that glimmer to shine in the industry, AF Models is a platform that will lend a hand to you to nurture your talent.

We are a team of passionate people with years of experience in the fashion industry and know how it works. Our main objectives are to nurture and hone the upcoming talent and assist them to succeed in the modeling world. We will be there for you on each step of your journey and direct you on the right path where you can make your mark.

Once you enroll with us, we will confirm that you get ample and comprehensive training about almost all related to modeling. From working on your catwalk, posture, body and other substantial details, we also work on your attitude, grace and buoyancy. If you want to become a successful male model, the amalgamation of all these qualities is indispensable and we will help you on your journey.

Let’s Start with Some Exigent Contracts

Without a promising and professional portfolio, you will find it hard to get work and that’s where we come in the picture. We have developed contacts with some of the best modeling photographers who would love to capture you in a right manner. They will prepare a portfolio that makes your journey smooth one. All you need to do is to enroll with us and that is all.

Without a promising and professional portfolio, you will find it hard to get work and that’s where we come in the picture. We have developed contacts with some of the best modeling photographers who would love to capture you in the right manner. They will prepare a portfolio that helps make your journey a smooth one. All you need to do is to enroll with us.

 Also, our role is not just limited to that. We also help you in getting those early modelling assignments and contracts that will create a buzz about you in the modelling world. We have tie ups with different casting agencies in the London, UK and other countries and we will ensure that you get the right job at the right time to prove yourself in a brilliant manner. These preliminary projects will boost your confidence and will also help you in performing better in other challenging assignments.

Can you imagine a fashion and glamour industry without beautiful, sensational and gorgeous females? Well, if we say female models run and rule the fashion industry, it is not at all an overstatement. At AF Models, we take pride as we have carved a niche for ourselves by creating roadmaps of success for thousands of female models and it feels great, honestly. If you are an aspirant female model and if you think you can conquer the fashion world with your charm and beauty, let us help you in nurturing your gifted qualities.

Entroll And Let Our Fashion Experts Mentor You

We have a team of expert professionals who have years of experience in the fashion industry and they know what the industry looks for in a female model. From honing your natural talent to nurturing your beauty, these experts will do a complete makeover of your personality that will blow your mind. By enrolling with us, you are in safe and experienced hands who know how to bring the best out of you.

What Do  We Offer In Training?

Our training module is diverse and covers all the aspects of the fashion world, from transforming you into a ravishing beauty to sharpening your communication and personality traits. A fashion expert will be allocated to you and they will personally mentor you to transform you into a model. From how to walk gracefully on the catwalk to how to pose on the stage, you will be trained for each aspect and you will surely reap the benefits this training provides.

A portfolio is important, especially for female models, as it is a collection of your images that people view and decide whether to hire you or not. You must have a right professional portfolio that can help you out in getting assignments. We have contacts of some excellent fashion photographers who can take care of this and provide you with a portfolio that can elevate you in this industry. This professional portfolio can take you to new heights if properly planned and executed.

At AF Models, we strive to build platforms for our aspiring female models to launch their freelance careers and our only aim is to see them succeed. That is what we desire and that is what you are going to do once you enrol with us. Let’s create a success story together.

You must have seen different types of product/packaging highlighting baby boys and girls as models. Well, the trend of juniors in the advertising and modeling world is at a rise and it is the right time to give your child a try to step into the modeling world. Rest assured we will help your child in all the possible manners to make him/ her the best junior model. All you need to do is to enroll with us.

Rise In The Trend Of Child Modelling

Most companies are now preferring children as the models on their product/packaging and TV commercials as they bring out the raw and fresh energy to the message and this rise has enhanced the need for child models. It is a new and unique approach to the marketing world.

How Can We Help You?

We, at AF Models, help aspiring models to get a successful entry into the fashion and modelling world. We prepare them for the challenging assignments ahead and we take pride in it. We groom them and make sure that they get the place they deserve in the modelling world. If you’re planning to get your child into the modelling world, you need a good modelling platform and an attractive professional portfolio to flaunt his/her talent. AF Models offer both!

What They Look For In A Child?

If your child has natural innocence on his/ her face, a set of sparkling eyes and a smile that never fades away, you can give it a try for sure. These are the qualities any modeling agency looks for in children and there is a high chance that your child can make a bright and successful career in the modeling career.

Modeling is something more than just being good-looking!
Your child needs to be

  • Passionate
  • Crazy for getting photographed
  • Friendly
  • Confident
  • Fond of dressing up and posing

Make A Professional Portfolio

We have good contacts with some superior professional photographers and you can rely on them to make a professional portfolio. They have insight experience of the world and know which kinds of images casting companies consider and they will capture them.

By enrolling us, you are hiring a director that will help you to direct a path for your children’s journey. AF Models is a renowned modelling platform that helps aspiring models to get the spotlight they truly deserve. All you need to do is to enrol with us and by doing it; we will mentor you and your child to get through the industry with the right approach and attitude.


How to become a Glamour model?

Ignite Your Modelling Career Today

As more and more glossy magazines are coming into the market and with superior circulations, female models are highly sought after by modeling agencies for glamour modeling. It is a special type of modeling that can be done by female models only. However, you need to decide whether you want to pursue this career option or not as you may need to go for some nude or semi-nude photo sessions too.

However, if you have already made the decision and if you think that you have what it takes to be a successful glamour model, there is no turning back. At AF models, we believe in offering a glamorous platform for the upcoming promising models and we will surely help you out in becoming a successful and confident glamour model.

What is Glamour Modelling?

You must have seen different types of print and online magazines with gorgeous female models posing for different products and services. Well, this is called glamour modeling and if you have the right body, right attitude and beautiful and graceful face, you should definitely give a try to it as the demand for glamour models is increasing in the industry.

How Can AF Models Help You Out Breaking Into Modelling?

We have helped thousands of female models to find a right and accurate path in the fashion industry. We have nurtured their skill set and talent and made them more confident and self-believing. In the fashion industry, there are some basic things that you need to know like cat walking, right postures, right attitude and the right intellect to select right assignments. We have a team of mentors that will sharpen these skills in you and help you to make an impression successfully.

Why Enrol With Us?

AF models were conceptualised to lend a hand to the aspiring models that don’t have any idea about how the modelling industry works. If you want to pursue a career in glamour modelling, you have to be extra cautious when it comes to saying no and that too in a right manner. We will groom you with right skills and you will learn about the fashion and modelling industry. Also, we will help you in making your professional portfolio. You will have a smooth road set right before you where you can walk and conquer the industry with flying colours.


If you think that you cannot be a successful model just because you are healthy and overweight, you are surely mistaken. Take an example of Ashley Graham, she is a plus size model and she is successful and believe me, you too can become a successful model if you work hard and walk in the right direction.

There are many companies and modeling agencies that approach plus size models due to the demands of the features of their products and services. Plus size models are in demand and this is the right time for you to take advantage of this opportunity and make a successful career in the modeling industry.