Becoming a Fashion Model really seeks some self-esteem.
Here are the different categories of Fashion Modelling.



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    Becoming a Fashion Model really seeks some self-esteem. High profile brands usually showcase their collections twice a year, Spring and Fall, that establish the next season trends. These shows are very important as they are a way for the designers to sell their clothes to buyers, who stock the clothes in their shops.

    These brands rely on the models to sell their clothes. Models are handpicked for their skills in walking and bringing the clothes to life. This is why models in this field have to meet such strict requirements and receive such high fees. The usual type of models picked for these runway shows are young, slender, tall and move very well in clothes.


    There are a lot of clothing catalogues produced, whether they are business-to-business or consumer, they require models to dress in the clothes they are trying to sell.

    Generally catalogue models are picked for a project because they portray the image of the clientel that the brand is trying to target.

    A model with a classic look is usually preferred, tall, slender and healthy looking. The brand wants the model to be a image that their costumers want to look up to and achieve. This is quite a well paid job as models are needed to take a series of pictures sometimes taking a week to finish.

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    This is fashion and beauty for print advertising. It could be billboard ads, magazine ads or even posters. This area of modelling is the most demanding as an advert can make or break a designer’s reputation.

    With this type of work it is very important for the model and photographer to have a good working relationship. The concept, photo and model need to work in harmony to convey the image that is wanted.


    This is a field where there could be regular work for a good model. It is modelling for buyers in the designer’s show rooms. It is usually a private event with just the executive members present


    Body part modelling is a special category that belongs both to fashion and commercial modelling;

    This is the use of just focusing on one part of the body in a photograph. Usually body part models specialise in one thing such as hands, feet, legs, ears or nec


    Because this type of modelling may be more revealing models are required to have a healthy, toned body.

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    Glamour modelling is modelling for photos with a sexual theme. They can include bikinis, lingerie and sexy outfits. There are no height or size requirements as in fashion modelling.

    Where fashion modelling wants you to look like a beanstalk, glamour modelling requires you to have curves like a young Pamela Anderson. Where fashion may want a ‘special beauty look’, glamour modelling wants traditional drop dead gorgeous.

    Becoming a successful fashion model will take some time. To make the start of the journey easier you will need a professional looking portfolio showcasing versatility. AF models Modelling will help you create the perfect model portfolio and advise you on how to get ahead in the industry. Register now to start your career as a model.


    These categories can have further subcategories for size, plus size and petit, and for age; Child, Teen and mature. A category of modelling will only be found where there are clients to support it.


    Become a Model, by registering with AF Models we will give you all the advice and tips on how to give yourself the best chance to get into modelling – whether you’re aiming to sign with an agency or go freelance. AF Models will advise you on how to give yourself the edge. We will help you to select images that show you at your best and teach you how to build your portfolio andA approach modelling agencies professionally.