Is this a genuine model agency? Do I need an agency?

So, do you want to be a model?. Do you have what it takes? Many pretty / handsome-in-person girls and boys make terrible models, and sometimes, the plain are photogenic. To making it as a mainstream model takes much more than just a pretty face and a fit figure. You need to be the all in one package—a mix of genetics, personality, talent, resilience, industry knowledge, and business smarts—to thrive in the fashion modelling industry.

What  you have to keep in mind is that whether you are an agency represented model or a modelling agency independent model, you are still a freelance model and you have to register as self employed and sort yourself out with an accountant.

Agency models are freelance or self-employees. Models are not on the payroll of any modelling agencies. So, yes you can model successfully without a modelling agency and you can also work with Ana agency while working independently.

In this modern world. You don’t need an agency to have a modeling career like many industry professional would like to have you believe.

What Do Modeling Agents Look for When Signing a New Model?

Men are pretty straight forward. Height is typically between 5’11”- 6’2″ and men should be able to fit into a 40″- 42″ Regular Jacket. Men should be fit and lean without too much muscle.

Commercial Modeling:

5’6 to 5’11

5’9 to 6’2
Editorial / Fashion modeling:

5’8 to 6’0
90lb- 120lb

5’9 to 6’2
120lb- 170lb
Plus-Size modeling:

5’8 to 6’2
size 10-18
These are just general guidelines and are not absolute. There are some exceptions, in most cases female commercial models have to be at least 5’6 or 5’7 and usually no more than 5’11 tall (for male models at least 5’9). If you are 5’5 or under your chances of success are very limited in comparison to taller models.

A career as a model can help you earn extra income, on your own time, and open up new opportunities. It’s very important that you identify and focus on maximising your opportunities by establishing which categories of modelling you are best suited to. If you don’t then inadvertently you could end up heading down the wrong path. Break into modelling with AF Models.

The quickest and easiest way to get started is to use AF Models to help advise you about what sort of modelling would suit you best, geta modelling portfolio together at a test shoot, train you in how to behave and what to expect and put you in contact with the most appropriate modelling agencies.

You can approach modelling agencies directly, but be prepared to face rejection, Modelling agencies get hundreds of applications every week and most of them end up in the bin. You need to have something special if you’re going to make it through the first round. A lot of people shoot themselves in the foot by sending poor quality photographs or not reading the agency’s guidelines.