AF Models – are they genuine?

AF Models UK Agency Reviews? The services AF Models offers include expert advice, including what sort of modelling you might be suited to, experience of modelling shoots with a professional fashion team, the beginnings of your professional model portfolio and much more.  The answer is that AF Models is definitely a genuine company that works with aspiring models, offering great opportunities to learn about the modelling industry, start building a portfolio and offering tons of great quality advice about the different types of modelling and how to approach modelling agencies.

If you take the time to look into things properly, you will quickly find that AF Models isn’t a modelling agency at all, and nowhere does it claim to be. So those that are complaining that AF Models is a ‘fake modelling agency’ have got the wrong end of the stick.

The idea of AF Models being a scam agency is simply misinformation.

If you go online and search for AF Models Reviews, you’ll see a lot of questions asked about the legitimacy of this firm. There are people asking whether AF Models is a scam, or a genuine company that can help people get started in modelling, and indeed whether AF Models is a modelling agency.

It’s true, AF Models can’t guarantee that you’ll make it as a model, and some people will be disappointed if they have unrealistic expectations. However, nobody can guarantee you’re going to make it as a model – there are simply too many unknown factors, and you must be very wary of anybody who makes such promises.

So, AF Models can’t offer you a modelling contract, and will not offer to find you modelling work. What AF Models can do is prepare you and give you the best chance at getting signed with an agency or go freelance. This is through advice, and professional services relating to modelling.