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 AF Models is a comprehensive and unique platform, designed by our Founder with 15 years in the fashion & modelling business, to make the journey of every passionate and aspiring model a comprehensive and unique success. We are dedicated to mentoring and training the next global future models in all aspects of this expanding profession to help them write their own growth stories. We know that self confidence, positive attitude, and persistence, in addition to the fine art modelling skills are what you need to succeed. We are at your service to help fine tune those qualities in you.

Qualities and Features


You believe you have what it takes to be a professional model?
You feel you have the drive to work hard and the zeal to rock the ramps and fashion shows?
You think modeling is all about having a beautiful face, sharp features, and good height?

Let our professionals help you discover what it TRULY TAKES to be a successful model.

Come in for a FREE CONSULT and find out what you need to carry yourself with confident and grace and to define your unique beautiful self that will differentiate you from all others.

Your own SECRET SAUCE is exactly what you need to succeed… and AF Models is there to help.

AF Models Reviews


Our dedicated specialists are passionate about discovering with you, your hidden talents and accenting your natural beauty to guide you toward success in the highly competitive modelling world. Allow us to help you become the successful and sustainable model you have always dreamed to be.

We are a team of professionals in the fashion and glamour industry for over 15 years. We have varied and in-depth experience, working with the country’s best models and studios. We have trusted insight and relationships throughout the fashion and glamour industry to help you grow and develop your art and craft.

We have developed THE FIRST PLATFORM for performance that many other agencies have adopted and adapted. And, as our platform and training modules are CONSTANTLY EVOLVING, we remain at the leading edge of fashion training in the industry. Further, no other team offers the quality consultation, customized to your unique personality, style, needs, talents, performance, and preferences.

You can believe in and trust AF Models because we believe in and trust in you!
Take a Look at a SAMPLE Training Module, and CALL for a FREE CONSULTATION.