Are you eager to become a model, but I do not know where to start?

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      I understand AF Models is not an agency.


      Although professional image is not necessary to apply portfolio agencies, it is something that will commercialise in the future and can be used to promote themselves independent options. It is almost impossible to introduce or apply for casting calls without, because agents and casting directors want to see that you have the confidence, experience and natural ability in front of cameras before offering a job paid.

      A best portfolio is essential in order to gain work as a model. Basically it is your CV. It will be a collection of professional images that your agency will use to apply to castings on your behalf. A best portfolio will show confidence and versatility.

      Quality over quantity is the rule here. It is better to have 10 great, professional images rather than 20 average images. Without a good portfolio is will be impossible to put you forward for castings. Your best portfolio will need to display your confidence and natural ability in front of the camera. A portfolio is a collection of professional pictures and your portfolio should convey something about you. Agencies don’t want to just see beautiful images – they prefer to see attitude, personality and most importantly how versatile you can be as a model.

      To gain the best advice on how to start your modelling career, speak to a member of our New Faces division. A model portfolio is an invaluable investment and a photoshoot with us will give you the chance to taste what it is like to be a real model

      How to create a professional portfolio

      The model portfolio is a collection of professional images and your portfolio should say something about you, the agency does not want to see pretty pictures, they want to see attitude, personality and, finally, versatility, it can be.

      Get a portfolio of professional models to suit your personal needs.

      Customize your portfolio on a specific niche

      If you believe that your application shows the potential of the model and want to benefit from our support, and perhaps help to create and build your own portfolio, typically receive a text message within 72 hours of recording. At peak times, it can take longer. The request will be forwarded to one of our advisors will contact new faces in time for further discussion.


      At AF models here you can sign up with a clear picture of whether the model shows potential and get free tips and advice on how to improve your modelling career.

      The established new face of consultants who can offer the opportunity to visit studio assess their potential with a professional fashion photographer.

      In this way, we can possibly offer their own professional model portfolio occasion. The model portfolio is still an investment and photo shoot with studio valuation models give you a chance to see if the decision on the value of investments.

      Once you have your wallet professional support team on hand to advise until it is signed agency or trust for freelancing.

        Portfolios in digital format can be reproduced easily and cost effectively therefore your images can be made available to a wider audience.
        Your images are accessible from multiple locations and by many individuals simultaneously e.g. on the internet.
        Portability: Easier to carry around than a hard copy version.

      If you choose your best portfolio in digital format then your images can be accessible via CD or a web page.


      After your photoshoot we will provide you with a CD containing your chosen images. As you will be using the images commercially you will essentially be buying the copyright from us this will mean that you will be able to use the pictures for anything that you please.

      The bonus of having your portfolio digitally is that you will be able to retouch and resize your images easily. A Digital Portfolio is the perfect option for every modern model. It is a CD containing specially selected Hi-Res pictures from your photo-shoot.

      As we are in a time where technology is thriving, the majority of casting directors and agencies are beginning to prefer using the method of digital portfolios. It is fast, efficient and at times more cost friendly. Rather than travelling up and down the country with a heavy, hard copy portfolio you can always email or post your digital portfolio to potential agencies.

      Having your images on a CD also provides you with the ability to back up your digital portfolio in case the original CD becomes damaged or lost. Reproduction is also made easy as you can reprint pictures from your digital portfolio at any time you please.