We offer a 30 minute to an hour, one-to-one ‘Confidence Booster’ . In this session, we primarily tackle one of the top issues faced by models, especially those new to the industry: a lack of confidence.



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    Although professional image is not necessary to apply for agencies, it is something that will commercialise in the future and can be used to promote themselves independent options. It is almost impossible to introduce or apply for casting calls without, because agents and casting directors want to see that you have the confidence, experience and natural ability in front of cameras before offering a job paid.

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    Our intensive two-day course is designed by experts to give you the tools to build your profile as a model.

    First things first, we want to see you in action. Before any training begins, you will be asked to demonstrate your natural walking and posing skills in front of the class, wearing your own clothes to show off your unique style. Following this, you will have the opportunity to give and receive constructive criticism – at UTH 101 Service classes, we believe that the best way to improve is to make mistakes first!

    Following this, you will be shown and taught by experts and professional models how to conduct yourself on the catwalk and in photoshoots. This includes training you to control your facial expressions and posture, follow the instructions of a photographer, and stay relaxed and confident in a variety of challenging environments.

    This is an expansion of our ‘Confidence Booster’ taster session, in which you will be given the tools to both appear confident and, more importantly, become confident in yourself and your ability to model. We will teach you how to stand out to casting directors, using the feedback you’ve received from your catwalk and photo-shoot training to accentuate your unique style, rather than change it entirely

    Modelling is as much about business as any other career. Whether you wish to sign up to an agency or work on a more freelance, self-employed basis, you will be taught how to handle contracts and financial negotiations, find reputable agents and work, and spot scams from a mile off.

    Now that you know what it takes to model, we will teach you how to live like a model. This not only includes diet, exercise and skincare but also managing the day-to-day challenges of the modelling industry, such as criticism or media attention. We won’t tell you to follow any extreme dieting regimes, simply how to love and nourish your body and soul. Professional models will discuss with you their experiences in the industry and in the spotlight, and how they’ve overcome the difficulties they’ve faced along the road to success

    Following on from part one, you will be given advice on how to promote yourself on social media, and use all available resources (e.g. online portfolios, talent databases, networking events etc) to your advantage. We will help you to set up social media accounts, or review existing ones, using our knowledge and experience to give you the tools needed to boost your public profile and increase and manage your audience.

    This is the fun part! You will be given a full make-over by our professional team of stylists. Remember, our intention isn’t to take away what makes you you¸ but to highlight your individuality and stand-out features. You can bring your own outfits, or borrow from our range of clothes and accessories. In addition to being made-over for catwalk drills (part two), our team of experienced stylists will give you advice on what styles best suit your look and what to wear for casting calls.

    Here we put what you’ve learnt in part one into practise. You will be challenged to meet the criteria of a variety of modelling scenarios, ranging from catwalk events to corporate and lifestyle modelling. Using the skills you’ve built up over day one, you will given multiple modelling “jobs” in quick succession and asked to show off your new ability to adapt to the demands of each situation.

    This will culminate in a photo-shoot by a professional photographer, the style of which we will decide depending upon your style, preferences and aspirations as a model. Afterwards, we will review the photos from each shoot as a group, and you will be able to take home [3/4?] fully-edited photos to begin or add to your portfolio.

    • Casting opportunities are always subject to availability, and so we cannot guarantee opportunities suitable for your look, or the types of career you wish to pursue.

    Following the completion of the course, you will receive:

    • [3/4?] fully-edited photos for your portfolio [can also be given in the form of z-cards?]
    • A written report of your time with UTH 101 Service, including feedback, tips for the future, and additional modelling resources – you may also request to receive feedback in-person or via e-mail.

    Please note that at UTH 101 Service, we realise that not all aspiring models can spare the time to attend our two-day course. Therefore, we offer a variety of alternatives, including but not limited to:

    • Attending only Day One or only Day Two (you will have the option to come back and complete the course at another time)
    • Attending one or more half-day sessions (e.g. only taking part in Catwalk Drills or Lifestyle)
    • Splitting each day into short, manageable, one-to-one sessions in-person.
    • Picking and choosing the sessions most suited to you

    Please contact us for more information.

    Image module
    Image module

    Models who have completed our confidence booster or two-day course are always welcome to book a one-to-one top-up session. This can take place in person, and gives you the opportunity to hear about new casting opportunities, receive feedback on your recent events, jobs, social media usage, and additions to your portfolio. If at any time you wish to have additional photos from your shoot edited