How to Become a Model with AF Models?

Upon initial contact with us, your details will be placed on a subscription to become a model where you will receive our model support services, get professional advice and practical help getting started.


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    How we can help you to become a model?


    Become a Model. All we need to do is choose what type of modelling you are best suited for and then you can kick start your modelling career! No matter what your age, size, or height there is a place for everyone in the modelling business. By registering with AF Models, we will give you all the advice and tips on how to give yourself the best chance to get into modelling – whether you’re aiming to sign with an agency or go freelance. AF Models will advise you on how to give yourself the edge. We will help you to select images that show you at your best and teach you how to build your portfolio and approach modelling agencies professionally or go freelance.




    What Types of Model Can You Be?

    In a vast and competitive industry there are many types of models who are making a terrific career and income. The business is focused, direct, and takes something more than just having good looks and a good body. It requires commitment, hard work and a focused attitude to be a successful model.

    Even if you can’t be the next supermodel you’ll probably fit into one of these categories of models types:

    • Commercial Model, Runway/Catwalk Model, Fashion (Editorial) Model, Fit Model, Underwear/Swimsuit Model, Sports Model, Fitness Model, Child Model, Teen Model, Mature Model, Classic Model, Promotional Model, Plus Size Model, Petite Model, Glamour Model or Body Parts Model.

    If you’ve got it, you’ve got it. We’ll go through the following steps to ensure that you have the best experience possible.



      We’ll explain how the industry works, find out which avenue of modelling you’d like to explore whether it be child modelling, high fashion, runway, plus size or lingerie and make sure you’re clear on what the requirements will be.



      Do you love being in front of the camera? Know your angles? Sometimes posing comes naturally and it can be learned but confidence is everything. You can’t fake the funk…or can you? To start, we’ll take some quick test shots, guiding you through the entire photoshoot process and assess the images with you.



      A strong portfolio is a model’s greatest tool. It’s your chance to show agencies and clients that you’ve honed in on your modelling skills and that you have a strong repertoire. We’ll ensure that you’re pleased with all of the images in your book and that your happiness and comfort is never compromised.


    •  IS IT LEGIT?

      We have a wealth of resources that will ensure you and your images are safe. We’ll advise on release forms, contracts, commissions, rights and licensing.

    Get Maximum Exposure


    Numerous organizations hold considerable authority in just a single specific territory. Some may just speak to high design (publication) models. Others may just speak to business models, or larger size, petite, or plus size models. In the event that one office can’t speak to you don’t get disheartened, it’s essential that you get seen by a large number scouts as it would be important for your exposure.


    In the event that you live in one of the significant markets you might have the capacity to go to an open call or go-see at the organization. On the off chance that you live outside one of the significant markets the most ideal approach to get presentation is to send your photographs to however many offices as possible.


    This can be an extremely tedious and costly task, particularly on the off chance that you are making duplicates of all your photographs and afterward mailing them. The cost of prints, envelopes, and stamps can without much of a stretch signify over a thousand dollars. Another choice is to email your photographs – which will make the process faster. If the organisation is looking for printed photographs, it will be suitable to send only in print because that is a lot more tangible.


    To expand your odds of being marked to an agency it is imperative to work with individuals who have involvement and direct associations with every one of the organizations in a wide assortment of business sectors.

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    Know The Best Modelling Market For You

    The modelling industry alludes to the different topographical areas in which models work and acquire a living. New York is a “market,” Paris is “market,” Tokyo is a “market,” etc. “Market” can likewise allude to the class your specific look falls into, for example, the design industry, business industry, in addition to market, or petite industry.

    While the supermodels you find in famous magazines and walking the runways for top customers for the most part work in each market, there are numerous successful models who just work in maybe a couple markets.

    Along these lines, despite the fact that you may not get spoke to by an organization in New York or Paris, you could in all likelihood be ideal for Tokyo, Singapore, and other Asian markets. An accomplished evaluator can help manage you to the correct market for your specific look.

    AF Models is an awesome place to begin and offers the most real and financially savvy path for you. We provide all the models with a guiding hand that will lead them on a path to success.