Beauty is everywhere – everybody can model, it does not matter about age, size gender or race.



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I understand AF Models is not an agency.


With years experience within the industry AF Models (Alpha Fashion Models) has helped all level of aspiring models launch their careers. From catwalk modelling to glamour modelling our team of experts will put you on the right path. Breaking into modelling is not easy. It is not a suitable career for everybody and it can be a difficult one.

Register with AF Models today to increase your chances of success. By arming you with our expertise and advice we are able to help you in the early stages of your modelling career by giving you the resources needed to get signed by a reputable agency. At AF Models London we offer completely independent advice and support for aspiring models.

We can provide advice and support from print to commercial to plus size and other specialties of modelling. Finding a good agency is the AF models towards a successful modelling career. AF Models is here to help you sift through all the information available with regards to becoming a model. Our team will assess your needs and steer you in the right direction. Whether you are pursuing modelling as a full time; career or a lucrative part- time job AF Models London will give you the right guidance. We maximize your chances of succeeding in the industry by advising you on how to present yourself, helping you to get contacts and finally teaching you how to land those all important contracts and bookings. Register with us today to start your AF modelss into modelling.


We are not a modelling agency but the team that nurtures you in the ruthless industry. A plant is the weakest when it has just sprouted out from a seed. Aspiring models are on that stage of their careers as well. We offer practical solutions to the divas of tomorrow. If you are an established model but want to improve the quality of your work and the traction that you get from brands, we are the perfect step towards a better future.

We can help you define your name and develop your personal brand so that the offers come floating your way.

We recognise the diverse ethnicities and sizes and help you find more positive jobs that accept people on the basis of their qualities.

At AF Models, we provide honest advices determining whether you have what it takes to become a professional model. We understand that not every dream can be fulfilled but we will make sure you choose the right dream to live with

At AF Models, we provide honest advices determining whether you have what it takes to become a professional model. We understand that not every dream can be fulfilled but we will make sure you choose the right dream to live with


Millions of young people get into the modelling industry and try to build a name of themselves in this cut throat competition. Only a handful succeed and others drift away into the crowd. This happens primarily because they don’t know if they have what it takes.

Sign up now and recognizable patterns can help take over the industry.

We help you analyse all the pre-requisites like skills, looks and finances before taking the decision.

We help you identify your true talent and the jobs that you will be perfect for

Create a professional portfolio with expert opinion that leaves a lasting impact on the casting agents.

Make your way to the crème-de-la-crème of modelling jobs and nail them with your preparedness.


Having a pretty face doesn’t necessarily mean you have what it takes to make it as a model.

There are so many more factors involved in being a successful model. The first is being realistic about what type of modelling you will suit.

For example a client looking to book a model for a catwalk show will be looking for someone totally different to a client booking a model for a catalogue.

There is no right or wrong look it is about deciding what category of modelling your face and body would suit. Just as fashion trends change so do trends for models. The great thing about this means that model agencies are always looking for something different so don’t be disheartened if your look is not similar to the girls you currently see in fashion magazines.



We’re not a modelling agency as we do not match models with work but our aim is to help you get there! AF Models provides model support services, assisting up-and-coming models throughout their modelling careers. We nurtures anyone dreaming of becoming a model and you to discover your true model self, to train to become the model you have dreamt to be, and to develop with us all the tools you will need to succeed in modelling industry.


For over many years we have worked with a diverse range of prospective models to help build strong portfolios, offering guidance and support that will put them on the right track to becoming either signed by an agency or booking regular freelance work.


Not everyone can become a celebrity but we’re all stars in our own right, right? That’s why we’re committed to giving you honest and constructive feedback.


Become a Model, by registering with AF Models we will give you all the advice and tips on how to give yourself the best chance to get into modelling – whether you’re aiming to sign with an agency or go freelance. AF Models will advise you on how to give yourself the edge. We will help you to select images that show you at your best and teach you how to build your portfolio andA approach modelling agencies professionally.